Faller-Stapler, Website & Photography

2014: Website relaunched! Please have a look: faller-stapler.de

Faller-Stapler is a company that sells fork lifts and storage technologies. They have about 40 employees. Since 2005 I've been working for them on all things marketing.

My work: Website, photography, corporate design, truck trailer design, transporter design, yearly calendar, promotional flyers, website, a variety of advertisements, documents, exhibition booth and more.

Website, 2005 - 2014
Website, 2005 - 2014
Image brochure
Wall calendars from 2006 - 2014 (Editions of 2000 pieces each)
Photo shoots. I produced many polished photos for this client. © Faller-Stapler GmbH
Photo of miniature fork lifts for a calendar. © Faller-Stapler GmbH
Example photo from a shoot at an adventure park. This is a stretch golf cart for 6 people. © Faller-Stapler GmbH
Another Shoot, 2007. © Faller-Stapler GmbH

Further Professional Work

Short Film Campaign, Firefox

"Firefox Flicks 2013"; Project management; A global short-film campaign / competition about mobile computing (Firefox OS); +400 short films submitted; Fx Brand Team, 2012-2013

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Promotional Videos, Firefox

Project management. Promotional videos for Firefox's short film competition; A Fx Brand team, Fx Creative team and Jones Film production, 2013

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Ad Campaign in Berlin Public Transport & Free Hugs, Firefox

OOH Brand campaign for Firefox Desktop and Android. Take-over of Berlin public transport and giving "Free Hugs" on Alexanderplatz, 2013

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Firefox Flicks Competition 2012

"Firefox Flicks 2012"; Project management; Community engagement; Global short-film competition to tell the story of Firefox; 400+ submissions, 2011-2012

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Mozilla Labs Developer Events

Project management (Concept to end). Contest to foster artfull exploration of HTML5 by diving into the creative coding scene. +100 demos submitted and many events organized, 2010-2011

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Le Camping Start-Up Accelerator

Brand & communication consultant; Silicon Sentier; Co-Created brand and website for Le Camping start-up accelerator, 2010

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