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Tobias Leingruber (@tbx) is a senior manager for innovative mobile products at the brand experience agency Avantgarde, previously at the Mozilla Firefox brand team and Mozilla Labs. His personal work, as fellow of the Free Art & Technology Lab, explores the mutual impacts of internet and society. The web belongs to us!

Tobias is known for projects like the Social Network ID Cards or the Firefox Flicks 2013 short film contest. His personal work has been exhibited internationally and covered by the NY Times, Forbes, Wired, Spiegel, ARTE TV and others.

Contact via or Also: Tumblr | Flickr | Facebook | Vimeo | F.A.T. Lab

Photo: Pirate TED (by Evan Roth), F.A.T. Gold NYC

Talks, Workshops, Exhibitions


23.05.14 Stuttgart (DE) Literatur und Strom 5, Literaturhaus Stuttgart *upcoming* workshop
13.11.-31.01.14 Eindhoven (NL) F.A.T. Gold show at MU Witte Dame group show


22.11.2013 Hildesheim (DE) Workshop at "Internet & Tacos" workshop
25.10.-27.10.13 London (UK) Workshop at Mozilla Festival workshop
01.10.2013 Berlin (DE) Talk at Ignite Berlin about F.A.T. Lab talk
06.06.2013 Paris (FR) Firefox Flicks event (Mozilla) talk
23.05.2013 Utrecht (NL) Impakt talk
01.05.2013 London (UK) Met Film (Mozilla) talk
25.04.2013 Berlin (DE) Tschk! Talk talk
01.-13.04.2013 NYC (US) Eyebeam, F.A.T. GOLD Show Group Show
22.03.2013 Amsterdam (NL) Unlike Us Conference talk
07.-11.03.2013 Austin (US) SXSW Festival (Mozilla) talk
10.01.2013 Stuttgart (DE) Filmwinter Festival group show


27.10.2012 Stuttgart (DE) State Library Stuttgart, Make your work viral workshop
11.09.2012 Berlin (DE) DAM Gallery, Artist talk talk
25.08.2012 Berlin (DE) DAM Gallery, "Not by default" exhibit opening group show
24.08.2012 Berlin (DE) Campus Party Conference (Mozilla) talk
06.2012 Amsterdam (NL) "Remix Culture" Summer School workshop
07.07.2012 Berlin (DE) Firefox Flicks Event organizer
18.04.2012 Paris (FR) La Cantine, Firefox Flicks Event organizer
23.03.2012 Rome (IT) Codemotion Conference (Mozilla) talk
08.03.2012 Amsterdam (NL) "Unlike Us" Conference talk
02.03.2012 Berlin (DE) Supermarkt, "Social ID Bureau" solo show


09.12.2011 Rotterdam (NL) Worm Art Space, Demoparty talk
12.11.2011 Berlin (DE) MozCamp Europe talk
04.11.2011 London (UK) Mozilla Fest London group show
10.08.2011 Aalborg (DK) Platform 4, Meetinghub Festival workshop
05.07.-27.07.11 Philadelphia (US) Little Berlin Gallery, "Distributed Collectives" group show
27.07.2011 Paris (FR) Gaite Lyrique, "Le Folklore du Web" talk
14.07.2011 Mt. View, CA (US) Mozilla HQ Mt. View, Demoparty Brownbag talk
09.07.-28.08.11 Olot (ES) Kitsch Digital Exhibit Rnd 2, Olot (Spain) group show
06.07.2011 Amsterdam (NL) Amsterdam School of Arts workshop
02.07.2011 Paris (FR) ISART Digital, Demoparty DemoJS workshop
30.06.2011 Paris (FR) Palais Brongniart, Le Camping Start-up Fest talk
17.06.2011 Helsinki Mozilla Labs Flame Party organizer
24.05.2011 London (UK) Google UK, London WebGL Meet-up talk
17.05.2011 Hamburg (DE) Good School, Camp talk
22.04.2011 Amsterdam (NL) Mediamatic, FB Resistance Amsterdam workshop
30.03.2011 New York City (US) NYC Resistor, Mozilla Demoparty Evening organizer
28.02.-05.02.11 Hannover (DE) CeBit Mozilla Booth, Community Action workshop
19.02.2011 Barcelona (ES) The Private Space Gallery, FB Resistance Workshop workshop
17.02.-09.04.11 Barcelona (ES) Can Felipa Centre, "Kitsch Digital" group show
05.02.2011 Berlin (DE) Transmediale, Haus der Kulturen der Welt talk
04.02.2011 Berlin (DE) Transmediale Workshop "FB Resistance" workshop
13.01.2011 Paris (FR) Speed Show Paris group show


13.11.2010 Ameland (NL) Islandcq by Hanze Univ., Pop Culture Program talk
24.09.2010 Paris (FR) La Cantine, F.A.T. Paris talk
02.09.-11.09.10 Linz (AT) Ars Electronica Festival, "Tele-Internet" group show
30.06.2010 London (UK) Mozilla Add-ons Workshop talk
02.03.-05.03.10 Hannover (DE) CeBit Mozilla Booth - Community Action workshop
29.04.2010 Athens (GR) Museum of Contemporary Art Athens, "Common Wealth" group show
12.02.2010 Mt. View, CA (US) Mozilla Jetpack Ambassador talk
07.02.2010 Berlin (DE) Transmediale, Artzilla Browser Hacking workshop
02.02.-07.02.10 Berlin (DE) Transmediale, F.A.T. Lab Award Nominee workshop
06.02.2010 Stuttgart (DE) Merz Akademie, Final Diploma Presentation talk


31.10.-31.11.09 Berlin (DE) Betahaus, "Skate The Web" Solo Show Tobias Leingruber solo show
25.10.-11.25.09 Vienna (AT) Black River Festival, Skatekeyboard group show
08.10.2009 Den Bosch (NL) AKV St. Joost Art Academy, RECYCLE! Conference talk
03.10.-04.10.09 Prague (CZ) EU MozCamp 2009 talk
28.08.2009 Belfast (IE) ISEA 2009, SPARK group show
16.08.2009 Lyon (FR) Biennale de Lyon, "My Biennale is better than yours" group show
30.07.2009 Berlin (DE) Platoon, Pecha Kucha, F.A.T. Lab w/ Aram Bartholl talk
03.07.-05.07.09 Tokyo (JP) Toyko University of Foreign Studies, "Cultural Typhoon" group show
09.06.2009 Karlsruhe (DE) HFG Karlsruhe (Univ. for Design), "Challenging Legality in Art" talk
28.03.2009 Berlin (DE) C-Base, MAOW 2009 talk
29.02.2009 New York City (US) Google NYC, Creative Lab (greez to Jii) talk
29.01.2009 Mt. View, CA (US) Mozilla Firefox HQ talk
26.01.2009 New York City (US) NYC Resistor, Firefox Hacking, w/ Jamie Wilkinson workshop
24.01.2009 New York City (US) ROFLthing, "Firefox Art" workshop
25.01.-28.01.09 Stuttgart (DE) Stuttgarter Filmwinter, On/Offline, exhibition group show


28.12.2008 Berlin (DE) Chaos Computer Club Congress, Lightning talk w/ A. Bartholl talk
13.12.2008 Rotterdam (NL) WORM Art Space, Artzilla Launch // Browser Hacks Exhibition curator
06.10.-04.11.08 Hong Kong (CN) Videotage Gallery, "China Channel Installation" group show
18.09.-21.09.08 Enschede (NL) Gogbot Festival, "The Timemachine" group show
29.07.2008 Singapore (SG) ISEA 2008, presentation of "Coke and Menthos Taskforce" talk
22.07.-29.07.08 Singapore (SG) ASEF Art Camp "The Art of Gaming" participiant workshop
22.05.2008 New York City (US) New Museum of contemp. Art (Steve Lambert & Add-Art team)
07.05.2008 New York City (US) Parsons School of Design (CDT), Browser Hacking talk
05.04.2008 Stuttgart (DE) Stadtb├╝cherei, "hyper_bellz" group show
01.02.2008 Berlin (DE) Club Transmediale, Aram Bartholls "chat" performance


13.10.2007 Stuttgart (DE) Kulturnacht, "The Timemachine" group show
25.09.2007 Berlin (DE) Pecha Kucha Night, "The Timemachine" talk
24.09.2007 Stuttgart (DE) Webmontag, "Fun with Social Networks" presentation talk
09.09.2007 Linz (AT) Ars Electronica, "The Timemachine" kitchen presentation talk
05.09.-11.09.07 Linz (AT) Ars Electronica Festival, "Second City Shop", Aram Bartholl workshop
13.08.2007 Stuttgart (DE) Pecha Kucha Night, "Hoebot" talk
12.06.2007 Cologne (DE) Pecha Kucha Night, "Studivz Crawler" talk
30.01.2007 Stuttgart (DE) Merz Akademie, "Studivz Crawler" talk
Video Portrait 2012 (DE, by ARTE creative, english subtitles), Berlin