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'F.A.T. GOLD': five years of internet thug life and hijacked pop culture
The Verge 04/2013
[TV] Beitrag in der Sendung "Pixelmacher"
3 Sat / ZDF Kultur 04/2013


[Interview] "Anonymität ist Freiheit und unser grundgegebenes Recht"
Basler Zeitung, Newspaper 10/02/2012
[TV] "Wir sind das Netz!"
ARTE Docu "Rebel Yell" Pt.1 08/11/2012
"The Art Geeks – Facebook ID"
Business Punk Magazine 05/24/2012
"Prepare For The Death Of Anonymity With Your Very Own Facebook Identity Card"
FORBES 07/10/2012
[Video] "Facebook killed the identity card? Tobias Leingruber and his artistic vision"
ARTE Creative "The Art Geeks" 03/23/2012
Portrait: "Das Internet gehört uns allen"
NEON Magazine (Stern) 03/2012
"Facebook Bullies Artist into Shuttering Satire of FB Privacy Policy"
FastCompany (Co.Design) 03/08/2012
"Artist Explores Online Privacy And Identity With Facebook ID Cards"
VICE Magazine, The Creators Project 03/06/2012
"Your Facebook ID, please, sir"
METRO Newspaper Netherlands 06/03/2012
[Radio] "Einwohnermeldeamt 2.0 - Medienkünstler [..] inszeniert Facebook-Amt"
Deutschland Radio 03/03/2012
"Unterwegs mit dem Facebook Ausweis"
ZDF Blog 03/02/2012
"Idea of National Facebook ID Card Floated"
NBC Los Angeles, Bay Area + San Diego 03/01/2012
"Die echte Facebookfalle und wie wir wieder herauskommen" [German]
CTRL-Verlust, Blog of digital philosopher @mspro 02/28/2012
"Next Time You Get Carded Try Using a Real Life Facebook ID" 02/27/2012
"Facebook Identification Cards Are Beeing Tested In Germany"
Buzz Feed 02/28/2012
"Jetzt kommt der 'Facebook-Perso' - Kunstaktion gegen Datensammelwut" 02/28/2012
"Get Your Own Facebook, Google+ ID Card"
ZDnet 02/28/2012
"Facebook ID Card: FB Bureau to Take Social Network Mobile"
International Business Times 02/27/2012
"Get Your Facebook ID Card" 02/27/2012
"This Guy is Getting a Jump on the Future by Creating his Own Facebook ID Cards"
The Next Web 02/27/2012


[Radio] "Occupy The Internet" [German]
Deutschland Radio, Breitband 10/21/2011
"USB Dead Drop Installed in Abandoned NSA Spy Station in Berlin"
Laughing Squid 09/21/2011
"Check Out The Winners Of Mozilla's Demo Party Contest"
VICEs' The Creators Project 09/02/2011
[Video] Le Folklore Du Web - Talk by Tobias Leingruber
Gaite de Lyrique, Paris 08/2011
"Take charge of Facebook"
The Wall Street Journals', India 05/24/2011
"Net Cracker" - TimeOUT Bangalore, Interview, Marc Stumpel + Tobias Leingruber
TimeOUT Bangalore, India 04/19/2011
"Transmediale Results from the Facebook Resistance Workshop"
Blogger Anne Helmond 02/19/2011
FB Resistance Berlin - Review by Taina Bucher
Blogger Taina Buchner 02/17/2011
"Gefällt mir nicht" [German]
Der Tagesspiegel (Newspaper) 02/13/2011
"Hack Your FB Profile and Join the Resistance"
VICE Magazines' 02/08/2011
"In Uniform gegen den Einheitslook" [German] (Newspaper) 02/07/2011
[TV] "RBB/ARD 'Stilbruch' - Video Portrait T. Leingruber, FB Resistance" [German]
RBB/ARD, Stilbruch (TV Portrait) 02/03/2011
[Radio] "FB Resistance auf Transmediale Festival" [German]
WDR Radio, Funkhaus Europa, Süpermecardo 02/02/2011
"The Facebook Resistance Is Afoot!"
Animal New York Blog 10/17/2011
[Radio] "Facebook Resistance Artist" [German]
Radio Fritz RBB (Interview) 01/29/2011
"Red social, la resistencia"
Clarin, Interview, Argentinian Newspaper (Spanish) 01/13/2011


[Essay] “Skate the Web” and Other Metaphors
ART LIES, Contemporary Art Journal (print) 2010
"How-to Make a Firefox Necklace"
Laughing Squid 09/20/2010
"Turn Your Browser Into An Art Gallery"
VICEs' The Creators Project 09/15/2010
"Firefox Add Ons für Entwickler" [German]
PAGE/WEAVE Magazine 9/2010
[Radio] TBX @ Pirate Cat Radio San Francisco
Pirate Cat Radio 04/2010
"Turns out the Google Street View car tagged with a GPS sensor thing was a hoax"
TechCrunch 02/10/2010
"Pranksters Attach GPS Device To Google Street View Car"
Forbes 02/07/2010
"Google Street View camera car tagged with GPS sensor, stalked around Berlin"
TechCrunch 02/06/2010
[TV] "Kinder des Netzes - Die Welt der 'Digital Natives'"
3sat TV, Kulturzeit 01/28/2010
"Available Online For Free"
Hypermedia, "Contemporary Media Art Column" 01/20/2010


"Digital Folklore Reader" Contributeur (Editors: Lialina & Espenschied)
Publisher: Merz & Solitude 12/2009
"Es werde Kunst!"
Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Germany 11/13/2009
"What Could Possible Go Wrong on a Skatekeyboard?" 10/19/2009
“Younger than Jesus” Artist directory
Publication of the New Museum of Contemporary Art, NYC 2009
“Firefox Add-Ons Double as Art, Pranks and Fun”
New York Times Technology Blog 02/12/2009
“Firefox Art”
Flash Art Magazine 274, Italy 02/08/2009


“Artzilla is live!”
Rhizome at the New Museum, NYC 12/22/2008
" Add-On Hack Was a University Project"
Wired Threat Level Blog 12/05/2008
“Pirates of the Amazon Abandon Ship”
New York Times Technology Blog 12/05/2008
“ Tossed Into Pirate Bay Jungle”
Wired Threat Level Blog 12/04/2008
“Surfen wie in China”
Spiegel Online, Germany 10/30/2008
“Explore the Web from China–without leaving home”
Cnet // 10/29/2008
“Just try surfing the Web in China. Seriously, here’s how”
Los Angeles Times Blog 10/28/2008
[Video] Portrait at Eyebeam in NYC
Bayrischer Rundfunk, Video Portrait 05/19/2008
“Hoebot and Lovebot invade the german facebook” at the New Museum, NYC 03/15/2008


“For me Firefox is a new kind of operating system”
Digital Tools Blog, Interview 11/2007
“German Facebook: Students expose security/privacy issues”
Badische Zeitung, Germany 06/29/2007
“Surfing Like it’s 1996″
Blog of Joachim Stein, Art Curator 09/12/2007