Let's make it happen!

Social ID Bureau

Online & Offline Performance. Touching the future of identification by handing out plastic ID cards for Facebook citizens - The Social ID Bureau. more

FB Resistance Workshops

Hacking workshops. Altering Facebook and online identity. Teaching the basics of web technology and inspire. The Code is the Law - Let's hack it! more

Fake Google Cars

Causing trouble with self-made Google Street View car in Berlin & Google self driving car in NYC; F.A.T. projects more

China Channel Browser Add-on

Browse the web as you were in China and experience chinese internet censorship. more

Pirates of the Amazon Add-on

Inserts a functional "Download 4 Free" button on search results. more

Webmarker Add-on

Mark the web and anyone can see it! Draw or take notes on any web page. more


Sculpture; Let's "Skate The Web"! more

Timemachine Browser Add-on

Tired of contemporary web Design? This Firefox Add-on warps you back to the amateur web of 1996 by redesigning any website while browsing. more

Artzilla Silk Prints

Handmade silkprints for "Skate The Web" solo show in Berlin more