Social ID Bureau

The "Social ID Bureau" (2012 - now) is a performance and viral media project exposing the current status and possible future of (online) identity. By creating and distributing "Facebook Social ID cards it shows how digital identity is not necessarily in the hands of governments anymore. It also blurries the lines between "real life" and "digital life".

This project received the ARTE Creative Award 2013. Scroll for impressions, click the big button to see the full documentation and media coverage.

In the Media:

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Further Personal Work

FB Resistance Workshops

Hacking workshops. Altering Facebook and online identity. Teaching the basics of web technology and inspire. The Code is the Law - Let's hack it!

Fake Google Cars

Causing trouble with self-made Google Street View car in Berlin, F.A.T. project

China Channel Browser Add-on

Browse the web as you were in China and experience chinese internet censorship.

Pirates of the Amazon Add-on

Inserts a "Download 4 Free" button on search results.

Webmarker Add-on

Mark the web and anyone can see it! The Webmarker Firefox Add-on allows you to draw or take notes on any web page.


Sculpture in the context of "Skate The Web"

Timemachine Browser Add-on

Tired of Web 2.0 Design? This Firefox Add-on warps you back to the amateur web of 1996.

Artzilla Silk Prints

Handmade silkprints for "Skate The Web" solo show in Berlin