Whazzup Mozilla 1337!

"Fun and Art w/ Firefox" @ C-Base Berlin






Internet Power User tbX

aka Tobias Leingruber // @tobimcfly






Browser = Operating System

Cloud Computing arrived, and all that matters is your browser!






Add-ons are cool

Surfing is out. With add-ons you can...





The Browser is a Canvas

A Medium for creative expression






The Timemachine Add-on

Redesigns the web into 90s amateur style...





Internets ≠ Serious Business

Erweiterungen.de rejected the Timemachine add-on:

"Die Erweiterung passt nicht in eine Sammlung von Erweiterungen, die das Arbeiten mit Firefox erleichtern sollen. Ihre Erweiterung ist eher ein "Kunst-Produkt" ohne funktionalen Wert."





My conclusion:





My reaction: Artzilla.org

Platform for creative Browser modifications

"The Internet doesn't always have to be serious business" - New York Times Feb '09





Launch Party in Rotterdam, NL

Presentations / Exhibition / Partyyyy






Tourette Machine Add-on

by Theo Watson

Adds random swear words into your typing.






Schweinchen (piggy) bookmarklet

by Dragan Espenschied, from the year 2000


Replaces images with this little piggy, taken from a Pig Fertilisation Station




Cornify Bookmarklett

(not our work - still aweseome)

Unicorns and Rainbows on demand Cornify







OK. Lets get serious for one second...








China Channel Add-on

by Aram Bartholl, Evan Roth, Tobias Leingruber


Gallery installation in Hong Kong







Add-Art Add-on

by Steve Lambert and Add-art Team

Replaces online Advertisement w/ Art





Pirates of the Amazon

by Timo Klok and Tobias Leingruber

Inserts a "Download 4 free" button on Amazon.com

Some Reactions:

Amazon Laywers didn't like it

Some People didn't get it

Nerds loved it






Have Fun!

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